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Artificial Intelligence Implementation in the Hospitality Industry: Balancing Human Touch with Innovation

Jimbaran, 10 May 2023 - The hospitality industry has witnessed a remarkable technological transformation, enabling businesses to enhance guest experiences and streamline operations. On May 10th, 2023, Bukit Vista was back with BV E-Talk 21 to talk about the new age of hospitality, with the main focus on the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the Hospitality Industry. We gathered experts from various hospitality and tech platforms to discuss the crucial intersection of technology and human touch in delivering exceptional service.

Under the first topic, the panel highlighted the significance of personalized recommendations and user-focused platforms. Archana, a former data scientist from Chope, emphasized the platform's commitment to meeting users' interests and leveraging reviews to drive competition among restaurants. The panelists agreed that while technology can remember guest preferences and facilitate certain tasks, it cannot replace the irreplaceable human touch. Amanda, marketing communication from Anantara Seminyak, further emphasized the importance of understanding guests through technology while maintaining a personal connection. Aida, a data scientist from Trivago, stated her stance regarding Trivago's efforts in fostering strong relationships among industry players. She said it is to help think about alternative ways they can advertise themselves, e.g., through clicks on websites.

Next, Ginto, a talent and culture manager from Novotel Tangerang, explained the role of technology in supporting employees to maximize their contributions and performance. However, he also said that service is not limited to mere task completion but rather entails creating a memorable journey for guests. The speakers then agreed that technology should empower the team to provide better service, rather than simply making tasks easier. Adib, as a machine learning lead of, further added the need to strike a balance between automation and human interaction, ensuring that mundane tasks are delegated to machines, freeing up human resources for more creative endeavors.

Moving on to the second topic, the panel explored the power of technology in providing accurate and personalized information to users. Aida highlighted the ability to fetch vast amounts of real-time data, ensuring speed and accuracy in processing information for users. Amanda spoke about the benefits of AI and data analysis in creating revenue management systems and offering personalized experiences to guests. Archana shared her insights on using AI to automate tasks such as menu descriptions while emphasizing the importance of human intuition and understanding qualitative data.

During the discussion, the panel acknowledged that technology cannot fully replace human interaction. Jing, as a moderator, highlighted the need to maintain human connection, finding a balance between technology and personal touch. Proceeding with the topic, the speakers and moderator then said that people desire genuine conversations and connections, underscoring the importance of the hospitality industry in providing meaningful experiences.

Under the final topic, the speakers explored the role of technology in optimizing tasks and the potential impact on the workforce. Adib, as someone who works in machine learning, emphasized that properly trained humans can focus on high-priority tasks while AI handles repetitive functions. Furthermore, the panel discussed knowledge transfer challenges and the need for standard procedures. They agreed that upskilling and staying technologically relevant are crucial for professionals in the industry.

The panelists concluded that the integration of technology in the hospitality industry should aim to enhance guest experiences while making operations more efficient. They agreed on the importance of human touch in hospitality while leveraging technology to eliminate human errors and provide personalized experiences. The future lies in finding the perfect harmony between innovation and the irreplaceable human element.

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